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Director of the laboratory: Stamatios S. Kalligeros, Associate Professor 
Office: Laboratories Building (Ground Floor) 
Tel: (+30) 210 45 81 656 
e-mail: sskalligeros[at]hna[dot]gr

The Laboratory of Fuels and Lubricants carries out high quality educational effort and advanced R&D work. Its mission is to carry out teaching, research and development activities and engineering services promoting the knowledge, the technological innovation, the standardization and the understanding of the produced energy by fuels and lubricants within the framework of a sustainable progress. All the activities are carried out under the moto “we borrow our world from the next generations”.

HNA-LFL carries out engineering, research, testing and technological development activities in the areas:

  • Efficient and Sustainable Production, Distribution and Usage of Fuels and Lubricants
  • Assessing the interaction between the fuels and the lubricants with the materials used in naval and others industrial sectors
  • Standardization Activities covering all the pillars of the Petrochemical Industry


LFL is an active member of the plenary committee of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF) accredited by DG MOVE. LFL has put in place a quality assurance system which was accredited by the TUV Austria Hellas with an ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 No. 0116386062807 within the scope of “Study and the evaluation of the effect of Fuel, Biofuel and Lubricant properties on the operation of the Marine/Engineering systems”.

The activities of the LFL focuses:

  • on the evaluation of the performance of the Fuels (fossil or biofuels) and Lubricants (biodegradable or not)
  • on the examination of their interaction with the materials of the engines or their logistic chain infrastructure
  • the environmental effect from their use


Laboratory of Fuels and Lubricants Quality Policy