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Greek male and female Secondary Education graduates are admitted to the Hellenic Naval Academy after successfully passing the Pan-Hellenic Entrance Examinations.

Every academic year in March an attendance invitation is issued by the Ministry of National Defence with regard to the admission of students to the Supreme Military Educational Institutions (SMEI). This invitation describes all the stages of the procedure and all the prerequisites that must be met in order for the candidates to enter the Academy.

In general, the candidates must:

a. submit an application form and a number of supplementary documents to the Hellenic Naval Academy as is specified by the Ministry of National Defence, independently of the computerized application to the Ministry for National Education and Religious Matters.

b. undergo medical, athletic and psychometric preliminary examinations at the Hellenic Naval Academy in March every year.

c. Upon the successful completion of this procedure and on condition that the candidates meet the requirements, the Ministry of National Defence informs the Academy of the number of the successful candidates, of the scores they achieved in the Pan-Hellenic Entrance Examinations and the minimum grade required each year for their admission to the Academy.

d. Finally, the Hellenic Naval Academy invites the successful candidates to enlist in September.

After they have enlisted, the candidates undergo basic military training which lasts on average from three to four weeks. Upon the completion of the basic training and after taking the Pledge of Allegiance, the candidates officially join the ranks of the Navy as first-year Naval Cadets.