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Naval Cadets enter the Naval Academy after sitting for PanHellenic Examinations of the Ministry of Education. The Department of Naval Sciences is part of the Academy and Naval Cadets are enlisted as Deck Officers or Engineers.

The Hellenic Naval Academy is a Supreme Military Educational Institution (SMEI) equivalent to all University establishments of higher education.

Undergraduate Studies last for four years. The Academy provides Naval Cadets with a broad academic, naval and military education, in order to mould young officers that are highly qualified in all scientific, technological and naval disciplines required to cater for the HN needs.

The academic education of Naval Cadets includes a wide spectrum of scientific fields. In particular, it aims at the acquisition of the scientific knowledge of applied, technological, social, humanities and theoretical sciences that support theoretical and practical naval education.

There are two semesters in an academic year.

Winter semester: Winter semester: Beginning of September-Mid February

The winter academic education program lasts for 13 weeks and is concluded with a 3-week-period of written examinations.

Spring semester: Mid-February-Mid June

The spring academic education program lasts for 13 weeks and is concluded with a 3-week-period of written examinations.

In the framework of agreements with other countries and programmes of military educational assistance, foreign students can study in the Hellenic Naval Academy also. Prior to attending the 1st year, foreign students enrol and study in the PREPARATORY INSTRUCTION COURSE FOR FOREIGHNERS.

Naval Officers in other specialities such as Staff Officers, Doctors etc. acquire their training in relevant Schools of Military Forces.

The Hellenic Naval Academy also trains the Coast Guard Cadets who will, upon graduating, staff the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy.

Within the mobility framework, Naval Cadets are selectively trained in Military ERASMUS programmes in other European Academies for a specific time.

Since 2020 and in cooperation with the University of Piraeus, Hellenic Naval Academy offers an MSc postgraduate course entitled “Marine Science and Technology Management”.