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The Applied Mechanics and Naval Materials Sector and its three Laboratories provide quality educational services to the Naval Cadets (Deck and Engineers), advisory and research services to the Hellenic Navy and the defence industry, in the field of defence and naval oriented mechanics and materials (structural and energetic).

The sector consists of 3 Laboratories:

  1. Applied Mechanics Lab (AML), focused in Applied Mechanics of Strength Materials and Structures utilizing analytical and numerical methods
  2. Marine Materials Lab (NML), specialised in experimental and fracture mechanics of metals and composites, as well as in materials technologies
  3. Fuel and Lubricants Lab (FLL), addressing technologies of fuels and lubricants and their interaction with naval materials and the marine environment

The research interests of the Sector have a strong interdisciplinary character in structural and functional materials, their interaction with the marine environment, quality, maintenance, energy saving and standardisation.

The Applied Mechanics and Marine Materials Sector applies a Quality Management System subjected to regular surveillance audits by TUV Austria Hellas, in accordance to the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard (Certification No.: 20001230008488), for the following fields of application (scopes): “Research, Development and Forensic Engineering services on materials, components, structures and naval platforms” and “Study and evaluation of the effect of fuel, biofuel and lubricant properties on the operation of marine/engineering systems”

EN ISO 9001:2015

No.: 20001230008488