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Welcome to the site of the Hellenic Naval Academy (HNA).

Since its establishment in 1845, the HNA focuses on providing academic education, mental competence and physical training to the Hellenic Navy’s future Officers.

The Hellenic Naval Academy is a Supreme Military Educational Institution (SMEI) and offers University level academic education and naval training. Entrance to the Academy is accomplished after successfully passing the annual PanHellenic University Entrance Exams held by the Ministry of Education, and subsequently meeting the requirements of psychometric and athletic performance tests. The graduates of the Naval Academy pursue the career of a Naval Officer in the Hellenic Navy.

Academic instruction is provided by the academic faculty of the Academy in a variety of sectors. Naval training in practice, together with the cultivation of naval spirit, is acquired through the teaching of Naval Art and participation in drills, as well as training trips domestically and abroad on ships, submarines, planes and helicopters.

The above, contribute to the young Officer graduates being highly distinguished for their scientific development, ethos, military conduct and seamanship. Besides, as a result of the important services offered to our Nation, the Hellenic Naval Academy has been decorated with a medal of honorary distinction by the Academy of Athens in 1967, because "since its establishment in 1845, it has bred heroes, wise men and distinguished scientists, thereby offering great services to the Country and the Nation".

Hellas is a sea born country. The Greeks, regardless of the small size of their birth place, have always followed the water way, the water of life that leads to the sea. Perhaps it is this relationship with the seas that has developed their zest to broaden their horizons and meet the world. Their world becomes the oyster in which they are transformed into iron clad breakwaters that safeguard their homeland against malevolent trespassers who dare set foot on Hellenic coasts.

The Hellenic Naval Academy with its long standing history has been the cradle of leaders who have excelled beyond the realm of the Navy and have been widely acknowledged as enlightened figures. Such leaders, who developed their scientific training and perfected their leadership skills in the Hellenic Naval Academy, have become worthy continuers of a History which dates back millenniums and this gives our Navy the right to take pride in the fact that it has never lowered the Flag.

Young men and women, those of you who aspire to follow the career of a Naval Officer in this Navy, those of you who have the potential and inner strength to serve your Country from this front line, those of you who feel the passion to become followers of this history, make the acquaintance of a whole new world and lead a life full of adventures and strong emotions, read on.

Thank you very much for visiting our site.