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Director of the laboratory: Ch. Kandylas, Assistant Professor 
Office: Laboratories Building (2nd floor) 
Tel: (+30) 210 45 81 344 
e-mail: chkan[at]hna[dot]gr

The Laboratory of Applied Mechanics offers the courses of Applied Engineering and Finite Elements for the navy cadets (3rd year for the deck cadets and 3rd and 4th year for the engineers’ cadets). Additionally, the laboratory conducts basic and applied research, first through the supervision of cadets’ diplomatic theses and secondly through independent scientific activity of its faculty members. A significant number of research papers has been published in international scientific journals and conferences in the field of computational engineering, Linear and Nonlinear Elasticity Theory, Static and Dynamic Surface Vector Analysis, Nonlinear Elasticoplastic Vector Analysis and T-restoration and reinforcement of composite structures and analysis of structures from materials with graded thermomechanical properties.

The Laboratory has a stand-alone network of personal computer interconnected with a personal computer server equipped with the PC program for the needs of the courses and the development of high performance mathematical simulations and scientific calculations using the educational package of the commercial software ANSYS.