Life at the Naval Academy - Yearly Schedule

The beginning of the yearly schedule at the Hellenic Naval Academy coincides with the beginning of the academic year in mid-September every year. There is one slight differentiation which concerns only first year cadets. After the Ministry for National Education has formally announced the results—that is, the number of the successful candidates who have passed the Entrance Examinations—the candidates are invited to enlist at the Hellenic Naval Academy and then they undergo basic military training which lasts on average from three to four weeks. When the candidates have completed their basic training and taken the Pledge of Allegiance, they officially join the ranks of the Navy as first-year Naval Cadets.

The winter training period lasts from September to June and is divided into two terms. Each term consists of thirteen weeks of academic education and is concluded with a three-week examination period.

During each term besides the academic education, the Naval Cadets also receive naval education and military training. This is achieved through the participation of the Naval Cadets in training cruises aboard Fleet ships and sailing ships, through training with simulators, by executing firing and also by taking part in parades, ceremonies, etc During the second term, the Naval Cadets attend a one-week program of further naval training, which consists of educational visits to bodies and units of the Greek Navy, to important industrial units and sights (Naval Museum, the Acropolis, the Floating Averof Museum, etc.), attending lectures on historical, defense and of general interest issues, as well as holding athletic events at the Hellenic Naval Academy.

The summer training period lasts two months, from July to August, and includes the Summer Training Cruise (STC) of the Naval Cadets. The Summer Training Cruise takes place every summer and lasts approximately 40-45 days. Generally, half the time is spent underway and the other half is spent abroad at foreign ports, mostly European ones.

During the whole year, the Cadets are entitled tο four long-lasting leaves. One during Christmas and New Year’s Day for two weeks, another at Easter for about one week and two leaves before and after the Summer Training Cruise, which usually consist of ten days each.


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