Navigation and Sea Sciences Laboratory

Director: Prof. Dr. Athanasios Palikaris (Curriculum Vitae)
Room: A04, 1st Floor, Laboratories Building
Tel.: +30 210-45-81603
e-mail: palikaris"at"

The “Navigation and Sea Sciences Laboratory” covers educational and research activities related to:

  • Theoretical Navigation: Applications of Geodesy and Analytical Cartography in navigation. Position, Navigation and Time (PNT) systems. Algorithms for navigational problems.
  • Applied Navigation: General navigation, Coastal navigation, Astronomical navigation. Electronic navigational systems.
  • Military Oceanography: Physical and Geological Oceanography. Hydrography. Influence and effect of sea environment in Naval Operations.
  • Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing in Marine Sciences and Naval Operations: Digital Geospatial Data and Digital Terrain Models for navigation and naval operations. Processing and Analysis of Remote Sensing Data for Operational Use.