The Electronics Laboratory of the Hellenic Naval Academy started its upgrading from 2002 - with its transfer to the new Laboratories Building - with gradual purchases of instruments and infrastructures. In 2008, the supply for all basic laboratory instruments was completed to cover the teaching requirements.

The main goal for Naval Cadets education is to get familiar with electronic circuits implementation and measurements.


The ultimate goal of the Electronics Laboratory is to create a workshop that will enable the trainee to design, implement and simulate electronic circuits/systems and then - by means of appropriate devices and computer programs – he can evaluate the results. The use of appropriate design and simulation programs (virtual workshop) enables the prediction of the behavior of the implemented systems.

The operational objective is to modernize the Laboratory in order to respond to its role, with the appropriate equipment or upgrading the existing research instruments and infrastructures.

In summary, the objectives are as follows:

  • Training of Naval Cadets with modern methods in electrical and electronic engineering science and technology.
  • Diploma theses support.
  • Postgraduate studies support.
  • Support for research activities.
  • Advisory provision, design and measurement services to issues concerning the Hellenic Navy.