Hellenic Naval Academy focuses on the athletic and nautical training of Naval Cadets by improving their physical condition, cultivating the spirit of noble competition and teamwork, the acquisition of physical and mental stamina and, finally, their attachment to the sea and excellent swimming skills. HNA hosts the following team sports:

  • Athletic Sports
  • Basketball
  • Sharpshooting
  • Volleyball
  • Swordsmanship
  • Self Defence

and the followin nautical activities:

  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Rowing


    • Location

      Hellenic Naval Academy
      Hadjikyriakou Avenue
      P.C. 185 39
    • Contact Us

      General Secretariat
      Phone: 2104581301-2
      e-mail: gensec 'at' hna.gr

      Sports Dpt.
      Phone: 2104581390
      e-mail: d.athlitismou 'at' hna.gr

      Entrance Examinations Dpt.
      Phone: 2104581337
      e-mail: tee 'at' hna.gr

      Public Relations Dpt.
      Phone: 2104581326
      e-mail: gdhs 'at' hna.gr