Nausivios Chora is a periodical publication of the Hellenic Naval Academy dedicated to Naval Sciences. It is supervised and coordinated by the Deanery of the Academy. Its aim is to create and establish a publication that can act as an open space for scientific dialogue which can also promote the wider scientific work and research of the training and teaching staff of the Academy, as well as its graduates.


The title refers directly to Greece as a country- locus whose ‘vios’ (life-existence) is related to, depends on and is founded upon the sea and its naval vessels. These are a refreshing breath to Greece.


Scientific papers whose findings can be considered as a contribution to scientific knowledge.
Applied studies dealing with particularly difficult or special problems with a high degree of original resolution or technological effectiveness.
Informative papers delving into a full and probing examination of current scientific developments on an international level and upon specific scientific and/or research subject matters.
As a periodical publication on Naval Sciences, it focuses on issues of direct or indirect interest to that major field as well as other relevant sciences. The authors are members of the training- teaching staff of the Academy and its graduates, current members of the Greek Navy.


Papers are evaluated by the Scientific Committee which consists of members of the academic and research community and scientists of extended authority. Originality, scientific competence, efficacy on topic development as well as textual overview in terms of style and linguistics form the criteria of acceptance.


The Editorial Board consists of HNA faculty members, sets the technical specifications of the papers, assumes their management and contacts the authors, selects the Scientific Committee members and coordinates its task and generally edits- issues’ form and appearance.


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